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  • Limousines Then & Now

    Limousines, by now, have reached the saturation of development and virtually revolutionized the entire automobile industry. There is hardly anything new or innovative to be embedded in these vehicles.  Limousine has gone through years of dedicated research, experiment and gradual implementation to reach this stage.... Read more

  • 5 Major Attractions in Los Angeles You Mustn’t Miss

    Los Angeles, the city of angels, is one of the most alluring cities in the United States. It is the city of dreams for all aspiring celebrities in the world, and nowhere in the universe, the dream can be better realized. Hollywood, celebrity and celebrity life is all what strikes your mind as soon as you hear of Los Angeles. But this is not where Los Angeles is confined to; there are other many attractions with immense potential of mesmerizing people from all walks of life. The aesthetic treasure of the city is well capable of quenching your long thirst for something serene to your heart. Here the five touristic focal points of the city, you must visit. ... Read more

  • Top 5 Limousine Features That You Should Look For

    Limousines, by now, have become the inseparable part of modern day transportation system. They have added immeasurable luxury and style to our traveling. The elegance they provide to our arrival and departure is simply amazing. But one of the major aspects of the limousine is their engineering, the technical mind involved. It plays a key role when it comes to efficiency, comfort, security while traveling. Below are some top features that you should look for in a limousine. ... Read more

  • Why are limousines important for your wedding day?

    A wedding day is one of the most important and special occasion in your life, that is meant to be cherished forever. It is the symbol of the beginning of all great things to come. Therefore, we want every tiny detail to be just perfect. From our wedding dress to cake, wedding venue to decorations, everything. ... Read more

  • Top 5 Safety Tips For Teenage Drivers

    It's a fact that teenage drivers are more prone to car accidents than any other age group. Plus, due to immaturity, they don’t have the same level of driving responsibility like adults. So, it is advisable to provide necessary guidance to teen drivers before they hit the road. Here are some necessary precautions that every teenage driver should take, in order to be safe on the road. ... Read more

  • Top 5 Ways to Make Your Daughter’s Prom Special

    Prom is a high school tradition that has been around for decades. It is about celebrating life with friends and having a good time together for the last time. So if you have a daughter, who is going to be a high school graduate soon, give her a chance to shine at her prom and enjoy the party with her friends, for she may never, see some of them again. ... Read more

  • 5 Most Important Airport Limousine Tips

    Limousine is a luxurious and convenient means of airport transportation. Although, most people assume that airport limos are expensive and only the rich can hire one, well to be frank, this is not true at all. Everyone can enjoy a limo ride these days. I agree, it’s a little expensive than taxi cabs, but the comfort and the luxury makes it worth every penny.... Read more

  • Top 5 Benefits of hiring a Prom Limousine

    Limousines are fun and stylish transportation option for your prom. Prom is a very special moment for every high school senior, and you want everything to be perfect, even your transportation.... Read more

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  • How to Prepare a Winning Proposal for your Limo Co...

    First impression always matters to individuals and as well as to you as a limo company owner. We never get a second chance. Making that great first impression is vital for limo companies, as all your limo service business proposals rely on it.... Read more

  • How to Hire the Right Chauffeur for Your Limo Comp...

    Traveling is a crucial part in a corporate world. Due to this, an affordable and comfortable ride becomes a necessity. Along with that, right chauffeur and right service can make your traveling experience a pleasant one. ... Read more

  • Top 3 Limousine Manufacturers

    As of the recent stats, there are more than 4000 limousine manufacturing companies in the world, all of them striving for increased production, improved sales, widening market and, of course, growing reputation. Ever since their inception, they are making an attempt to leave no stone unturned to manufacture topnotch limousines that reflects the latest and the greatest in technology, and also the engaging appearance to keep up the spark.... Read more

  • Top 3 Tips to Avoid Limo Accidents

    There have been some major limo accidents in the past few years. The most dreadful one was near San Mateo, CA in May, 2013, which took lives of five nurses. This has shaken the limo industry.... Read more

  • National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

    April is the National Distracted Driving Awareness Month Thousands of people die unnecessarily because of distracted driving. People continue to use their phones, hands free or handhelds while driving. Let us join hands with National Safety Council and make everyone understand the risk involved in cognitive distraction to the brain and urge them to stop distracted driving.... Read more

  • LCT Leadership Summit 2014 – A major event in L...

    One of the leading limousine magazines, LCT (Limousine Charter & Tour) magazine is hosting 13th LCT Leadership Summit 2014 from 18th to 20th May in the premier resort, Eden Roc Miami Beach. The upcoming event will focus exclusively on the modern limousine & chauffeured transportation industry trends. ... Read more

  • How to Prevent Drinking and Driving?

      These days, we get to read and hear many news associated with drunk driving. Drunk driving is the cause of more than half of all the road crashes. According to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), in the year 2012, approximately 10,322 were killed and 345,000 injured due to drunk driving. And this alcohol impaired vehicle crashes costs more than $37 billion annually (Source: NHTSA).... Read more

  • Top 5 ways to flourish as a new chauffeur

    In the recent years, limo industry has emerged to be a great business. There are about 12,400 limousine companies in the United States and they provide work for approximately 275,000 people, according to Taxicab, Limousine and Para transit Association. ... Read more

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